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Saturday night house parties

Frisky Swing Party

Next Party Date:   Saturday September 30, 2016

"THEME: EROTIC STORIES!"  Come share a wild experience or two to get everyone in the mood!

No donation requested at our parties.  At this point it's a hobby for us. It also keeps things simple and accessible while we make more friends in the community.  

For those who haven't attended, usual turnout is 12 to 14 couples which fills our three bedroom home nicely and so far the parties have all turned out great!  The key is we try to invite the sexiest couples possible with great attitudes.   Check out our testimonials, we update them regularly.  

During the first hour or two hours the chatter level is lively with guests getting to know each otherThen later in the evening we loosen things up by hosting one of a few ice breaker games we've found to be great fun. Those of you who have attended know how hilarious things can get.  After the ice breaker guests are free to carry on at whatever level they feel comfortable with.  There's never any pressure on anyone to go beyond whatever their comfort level is for the evening which could include just watching. But on the other hand there's usually a lot of passionate activity that takes place!

Our parties are for couples and single ladies. Most guests range in age from mid-20s to upper 40s. Friendly, relaxed, pressure free and fun!  We have three tastefully appointed play rooms, two lounge areas and refreshments in the kitchen.  

Come ready to mingle and have some fun! 


Guests should arrive between 9pm and 10pm. Parties usually go until 2am.  

We recommend (although not required) that ladies change into something sexy and comfortable, ex. sexy lingerie after arrival. We have an area where you can store your street clothes.  Men remain dressed classy or change into sexy boxers. 

Donation: No donation requested at this time. This is a hobby for us at this point. 

Light snacks and soft drinks provided. Alcoholic drinks are BYOB.


Get on the Guest List.

To get on the guest list for our next party go to our Guest List page and fill out the form. If we haven't already met you in person we will write you back with a request for your photo.  Once the formalities are handled we'll send you our phone number and directions to our home.  Looking forward to being your gracious hosts! 


 Testimonials from past parties

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 Photos of us

If you are invited to one of our parties we will send you a link to our photos